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Teachers LOVE the
Caught Being Good App

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 -  Increase Your Child's Self Esteem
 -  Focus on the Positive
 -  Reward Good Behavior Instead of Bad
(Punishment is a type of reward because your child is getting your attention.)

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Tired of the whining and temper tantrums that accompany punishment?

Use the Caught Being Good App to Promote Desirable Behavior

As parents, we are always stuck on the negatives and all the things our children do incorrectly. We all do it! Let’s try a new way!! Use positive reinforcement and reward your children for all the things they do correctly, without even being told. When you use this app, it will show you an easy way to reward your children for the great things they do, from small to large. The Caught Being Good App is a great tool for teachers too!

Use this app today and you will begin to see amazing changes in your children.

Key Features
      -Uses a spinning wheel to create anticipation and excitement
     -100% Customizable. Change, add or turn off rewards
     -Bank accounts keep track of earned rewards for multiple children
     -Optional periodic posts to Facebook to allow friends and family to share in the success

Caught Being Good uses positive reinforcement on an intermittent schedule, which has been proven to be a powerful motivator. Results of using Caught Being Good are to increase your child’s self esteem, focus on the positive, promote desirable behavior and reward good behavior instead of bad. It’s so easy, “Catch” your child doing something good and ask them to spin for their reward. Running on iPhone and iPod touch, this app makes your life easier and more enjoyable by effectively using positive reinforcement instead of punishment to shape your children’s behavior. 

Caught Being Good comes completely ready to go, preset with rewards, just edit or turn off any you choose not to use. Because you can change and add rewards, the app can be used for all ages - you may even try it with your partner, in the classroom and at the office.

By focusing both the parent and the child on the positive, Caught Being Good produces effective and dramatic results. Try this app and your life will become more enjoyable and more productive.  

Use the app for multiple children, each gets their own bank account to store rewards that can’t be granted immediately.